About Robyn Lee Tea

Robyn Lee Tea provides fresh, newly sourced, loose leaf teas from around the world including teas from China, Taiwan and India. We are in direct contact with tea farmers which results in fresh teas being available as soon as the new harvest season begins.

All teas sold are high quality teas. Premium quality teas are also available on order. Please contact us directly if you wish to purchase these.

We also offer a selection of fine hand-blown glass tea ware, gift sets and other accessories at very reasonable prices.

About Robyn

RobynLeeI have spent many years living abroad, in both Thailand and Taiwan. It was in Taiwan where I was first introduced to the intriguing world of tea. Who would have thought there was more to tea than Lipton teabags? ¬†Yes, I was in for quite an education — which continues, by the way, to this day.

Aside from making wonderful teas and tea ware available to others, I am also passionate about educating people about tea. More people are learning to enjoy and appreciate the wide range of teas that are available and my hope is to help people along in their journey into the exciting and tasty world of tea, regardless of where in their tea journey they are.