Mixed Flowering Teas

As mentioned, if you would prefer to receive a mix of five of your choice of flowering teas, you can do so here on this page.  Below is a gallery of the different types of teas currently available to help with your selection.


5 Assorted Flowering Teas
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1Pack of 5$18.00 60.00 gm0
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Flowering Tea
Select Your Preferred Flowering Tea
1Fairy Flowers Spreading$0.0050.00 gm
2Two Dragons Playing Pearl$0.0050.00 gm
3Jasmine With Love$0.0050.00 gm
4Love at First Sight$0.0050.00 gm
5Love Story By Tea$0.0050.00 gm
6Lotus in the Water$0.0050.00 gm
7Precious Blossom$0.0050.00 gm

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