Buddha’s Tears Tea Top Selling Favourite

And Other News

As it has been a while since I updated my Blog, I thought it was time to do so.  There have been a few new developments with Robyn Lee Tea, but first up I’d like to share our most popular selling products for this month.

Popular Products:  

Our most popular selling teas have been:

  • Buddha’s Tears (aka Jasmine Pearl Tea)
  • GABA Tea
  • Strawberry Green Tea
  • Osmanthus Oolong Tea
  • Flowering Teas

Our most popular items have been:

  • Premium 800ml Teapot
  • Premium Tea Set (Tea Pot, Candle Warmer and 2 Bodum Glasses
  • Tea Pot and Warmer
  • Candle Warmer

Where You Can Find Us:

You can now find us at various markets and festivals around the Sydney area.  We are at Parramatta Market (Church street) most Thursdays and Saturdays.  We are also looking into having permanent stalls at other markets in the area. I’ll keep you posted, once we have our regular market plans finalised. We are very excited to be branching out into the world of markets. It’s a great chance for us to interact with you, our customers, it’s a lot of fun and we get to talk with everyone about our passion — tea! We have great plans for our marketing, where we are aiming to not only sell tea and tea ware but to also offer information on tea, its health benefits, brewing methods and more.

If you enjoy taking your chance bidding on tea ware, you can also find items on sale on eBay — look for the seller robynleetea. 

Adding New Teas:

We are in the process of adding more varieties to our selected teas available.  Soon we will have English BreakfastEarl Grey Tea, Blended Fruit teas,  and Fruit teas — hopefully they will be in stock within a week or so.  As our flowering teas have also been top sellers we’re getting in more varieties to choose from.

Plans for Tea Ware:

We are also looking into selling more tea ware — specifically different types and sizes of tea pots.  For this upcoming Christmas gift season we will also be making gift sets available — ranging from the high end Lin Family Ceramics to beautifully packaged glass tea sets. These have already been popular items and we are sure, once they are specifically gift packaged, they will be even more in demand.

Bulk Purchases:

If you are interested in making bulk purchases of tea ware, we do have a bulk and wholesale price list available, with discounted prices for purchase over 10 items. Please drop me a line if you are interested in buying bulk.

This about wraps up the latest news for October. More specific posts will be coming soon and more items will be added to my online store, so please keep checking back in for more updates.

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