Daisajan STGFOP 1 CL TPY, 2ND FLUSH 2012, Assam — Huh?

Assam TeaEver wondered what STGFOP or TPY mean, when written after teas?   While these terms may not look that important, they are.  Understanding these terms will help you quickly identify the tea, where it was grown, when it was harvested, whether the full leaf, broken leaves and/or tips are included.

Let’s take a look at Daisajan STGFOP1 CL TYP 2nd Flush 2012 Assam and try to dissect it a little, to find out more about this specific tea.

First of all, it’s an Assam tea — grown at lower altitudes than Darjeeling tea, for example, with this particular tea grown in the Daisajan region.

STGFOP1 – Super Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe, grade 1.   This is top grade tea, often hand harvested. OP1 denotes delicate, long leaves that produce a light liquor.  “Tippy, golden, flowery” indicates that the tea includes a high proportion of tips as well as the high quality tea leaves.

CL TYP –  Clonal plant type.  In an effort to produce more hardy tea plants, and to enhance specific qualities in tea, some tea bushes are cloned rather than grown from seeds.   They actually  some of the most sought after teas, often sold for higher prices.

2nd Flush 2012:  These teas were harvested between early June and mid August, by far the most popular flush with Assam teas as it includes the golden “tips” which adds to the sweetness and smoothness of the teas.

So, as you can see, if you buy Daisajan STGFOP1 CL TPY, 2ND FLUSH 2012, Assam you are purchasing a high quality, smooth, sweet Assam tea.

These terms are mainly used to help define and classify teas from India and Sri Lanka but are not commonly used to describe teas from China and Taiwan.

For more information on the terms commonly used to denote tea type and grade, you will find a fairly comprehensive and easily understood list on Wikipedia.

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