Glass Teapots

We have a fine selection of glass teapots and other glass tea ware, with sizes ranging from one or two cups to 1000ml. Following are some of what is available at present.

* All of the glass teapots presented below include either a glass infuser unit — which can be taken out of the tea pot if you prefer, or a strainer inserted into the spout of the teapot.

* Each tea pot displayed below will fit well on the candle warmer (also pictured below).

* Glass teapots cannot sit directly on a hot gas or electric stove top.  You can, however, pour boiling water in without worrying that the glass will crack–just no direct heat on the bottom.

* Candles used with the candle warmer can be bought in bulk at many “hot dollar” stores, Kmart, etc. If using the candle warmer for keeping tea warm, do not buy scented tea candles–look for the white, unscented kind.  No, the candle will not cause the bottom of  your teapot to brown or blacken. Yes, it will keep your tea warm for quite a while — make sure you take the infuser out, however, when keeping tea warm over an infuser as you do not want to oversteep the tea.


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