Aladdin Teapot (400ml)

This delightfully designed glass teapot is available, presently, in 400ml size.  It is perfect for brewing one cup of tea and is highly recommended for situations where you brew and serve tea to customers or clients.

As you will note, there is no infuser unit inside but rather there is a strainer attached inside the spout which keeps the loose leaf tea leaves inside the teapot.  As with all of our glass teapots, it is hand blown and made from Borosilicate glass which is safe to use with water up to boiling point.  It can also be purchased along with a candle warmer.

The main advantage to this teapot is that it is made in such a way that the lid will never fall off accidentally whilst brewing tea.  We find that with many of the other teapots you do have to be very careful to hold the lid while pouring tea — that isn’t at all necessary with this particular tea pot. This is a real plus, especially if you are purchasing in order to serve tea to customers or clients who may not be familiar with using glass teapots.

If buying alone, the teapot costs $20.  With a candle warmer, the price is $30.

Aladdin Teapot (400ml)
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2400ml Aladdin Teapot with Warmer$30.00 500.00 gm0

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