Premium Glass Teapot 800ml

800ml Glass teapot PriceA premium glass teapot with infuser inside is great for brewing all  loose leaf teas, including green,oolong and white tea. Being made wholly of glass (the infuser as well) it is a very delicate and impressive tea pot.  Being 800 ml, you can also use it for brewing flowering teas — you simply need to take the infuser out.  It also fits on the glass teapot or candle warmers that we have in stock.

While it is dishwasher safe, it is recommended that you rinse it out by hand rather than running it through a dishwasher cycle.  The tempered glass is able to withstand having boiling water poured into it.


800ml teapot and warmerFor an additional $10 you can purchase a teapot set, comprising of the 800ml teapot and a candle warmer. Please see the image below to get an idea of how these items complement each other.  The candle warmer heats via a tea-light candle that is set inside the warmer. Providing the candle stays alight, your tea will stay warm for an hour or more.

Premium Glass Teapot 800ml
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