Bi Lo Chun

This special green tea is one of “China’s 10 Most Famous Teas” – consistently appearing in the top of 2 or 3 on the list of most Chinese tea experts. It is a simple tea with surprising complexity. The words Bi Lo Chun translate literally to mean ‘spring snail shell’ – the leaves are rolled into small balls which resemble snail shells. When brewed, this green tea produces a yellow-green colour, the fragrance is described as floral and it has a clean and smooth flavour with a sweet after taste –not as “green’ as most green teas.

Growing Region: Jiangsu Province, China

Harvest date: Spring 2013

Resealable bag with desiccant pouch No: YA-GB5036-C


Steeping instructions:

Water Temperature: 90 degrees

Amount: 3g/150ml

Steeping time: 2-3 minutes

No. of infusions: 2-3

Bi Lo Chun Green Tea
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