Gun Powder

Gun Powder (Also known as Zu Cha Tea)

This is a great “every-day” green tea, with a smooth, bold refreshing taste that is slightly astringent. A great green tea to drink after a meal, it is a very popular tea often served in Chinese and Asian restaurants.  The leaves are hand picked and rolled into tiny balls in a similar manner to many oolong teas.  This, in fact, is where it gets the name “gun powder” from as the pellets loosely resemble tiny gun powder pellets!

Origin: Zhijiang province, China


Water Temperature: 85 – 90 degrees

Amount: 3g/100ml (approx. 1 teaspoon/cup)

Brewing time: 2 – 2½ minutes

Infusions: 3-4 (adjust brewing time)

Price: $12/100gm

Gun Powder (Zu Cha)
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