Long Jing Tea

Longjing is one of China’s 10 famous teas & is usually credited with the number 1 ranking – the best of the best!. Our moderately priced, high grade Longjing is no exception. It has an inviting, toasty aroma and a sweet, rounded flavour with a nutty and buttery texture and pleasantly dry finish. A truly satisfying cup of tea.

Growing Region:   Xihu, Zhejiang Province China.

Harvest date: Spring 2013

Packaged in resealable bags

Product No: YA-XG5037-C


http://www.dreamstime.com/-image9116281Steeping instructions:

Water Temperature: 90 degrees

Amount: 3g/150ml

Steeping time: 2-3 minutes

No. of infusions: 2-3

Long Jing Green Tea
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