Handy Brew Tea and Coffee Maker – So Simple to Use

I am a great fan of this Taiwanese patented, award winning tea maker, we use it all the time at home.

Using the Direct Immersion Brewing Method, (think in terms of French Press coffee), it produces really high quality tea or coffee.  And it is very simple to use. For a quick demo, please go here.

It is 500ml, which is plenty for one mug of tea or coffee or for two smaller mugs or cups.


For US customers the Handy Brew Tea Maker is available from our affiliate HERE

What I Like About This Product

There is a lot that I like about the Handy Brew.  The design is fantastic. From speaking with the person who trademarked this brewer I know that a lot of trial and error went into perfecting it, with their ultimate goal being that it would simply be the best — it is.  It is patented in quite a few different countries in an effort to keep “copies” off the market — mainly because it is so well designed and they do not want their reputation to suffer as a result of inferior copy products being made.  Knowing all that went into the actual patented design, I am confident that it is simply one of the best on the market.  Along with the design, the material it is made from is very high quality BPA free plastic. It is sturdy and heat resistant.

It is also very versatile.  You can use it for either brewing coffee or for steeping loose leaf tea.  I have used it for both. If brewing coffee I’d suggest using a fairly coarsely ground coffee for best results. Really though, it does produce a great cup of  coffee providing you let it brew for about five to six minutes before pouring.  It also brews a perfect cup of tea, no different than brewing tea in a glass teapot with infuser for example.  I use it at home, but we have also used it at the office mainly because it really is a ‘no mess’ way to make a great cup of tea. It is not insulated, of course, so it does not work like a portable tea infuser as such (one that keeps tea hot once made).

The ease of use is also another plus with this item.  The handle is designed for a very easy grip.  The top opens up easily yet seals very well when it is closed. The true beauty of this design is the method used for pouring tea.  You simply place the handy brew on top of a cup or mug and while the infuser is pressed against the lid of the cup the liquid flows out. As soon as you pull it up off the cup it stops — instantly! No drips, no mess. That makes it very easy to use if you are drinking from a small size cup and want to refill or if you are serving tea (or coffee) to a couple of people.

There’s more too:

  • Coffee oils not removed as they are when using paper filters
  • Portable — can be used at the office, no mess or dripping tea or coffee
  • No tea leaves or coffee grounds left in cup after pouring your drink
  • BPA free and complies with European Food and Drink Safety Regulations

How to Use

  • Add the loose leaf tea, or coarsely ground coffee to the Handy Brew
  • Pour hot water over the tea or coffee (water temperature depends on the type of tea/coffee you are making), close the lid and wait for the tea to steep — for coffee you will probably want to wait around 5 to 6 minutes.
  • Place your Handybrew directly on top of your cup or mug and the tea or coffee will flow into the cup.
  • Lift the Handy Brew up and the flow of liquid immediately stops — you can pour two smaller cups if you like, without any drips in between! It comes with a small stand to sit on in between use.
  • Leave tea leaves in Handybrew to steep more tea later

For US customers the Handy Brew Tea Maker is available from our affiliate HERE

3 comments to Handy Brew Tea and Coffee Maker – So Simple to Use

  • Bev McGeachy

    Hi Robyn,
    Does this Handybrew fit different size mugs?
    I have a collection of various sized mugs and at present I am using a small glass teapot with a spiral strainer that fits in the
    I just love it as it is the perfect size for a mug of oolong tea which is what I’m beginning to think I’m addicted to.
    Unfortunately I have chipped the rim and was looking for a replacement and found your site on Google.
    Handybrew sounds interesting as do your teas!
    Kind Regards
    Bev McGeachy

    • Robyn

      Hi Bev,

      It does not come with a mug, the handybrew is sold as a separate unit. I use it at the office all the time though. It works well with pretty much all standard sized mugs and cups. The only cup it wouldn’t work with would be one where the rim was much larger than the diameter of the base of the handybrew. But for almost all mugs and cups it’s perfect. Hope this explanation helps.

      Cheers, Robyn

  • Piers Dunkley

    I have used a handy brew for a couple of years now.
    I find that the best grind is slightly coarser than expresso.
    The only thing that I don’t seem to get right is creating and capturing crena. Is there a technique for this?

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