Chamomile Tea

Tea leavesChamomile tea is well known as a herbal tea that is very beneficial to drink as an aid to gaining a restful night’s sleep. The aroma of chamomile is very obvious once the tea is brewed. The tea is a medium yellow/gold colour. It has a sweet almost fruity taste (reminds me a little of pineapple!)  and does not really need any additional sweetening. If you do like a very sweet tea, or if you are planning on making iced chamomile tea you may want to add some sweet honey to taste.

Here are some other less known properties of this tea:

* Sedative Properties and  soothing nerves.
* Settling Upset Stomachs (Should not be given to small children or pregnant women)
* Antibacterial Properties when used as a mouth wash, or applied topically to the skin

Side Effects
* Do not drink chamomile tea if you are allergic to daisies, ragweed and similar flowers
* Do not drink if you are taking blood thinners (including aspirin), birth control pills or if you have any blood disorder

Steeping Instructions

Two tablespoons of dried chamomile per cup of  water, steep for a minimum of three minutes.   Flowers are not suited to using more than once.

Chamomile Tea
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