Libre Tea Infuser

Libre tea infusers are great for people who love to drink their tea “on the go”.  A favourite among many people, from health enthusiasts to the busy executive, they make a perfect tea gift for any tea lover.

The interior of the infuser is made from glass–ensuring that the tea always tastes fresh and no flavours are absorbed.  The exterior is made from poly Tritan, a very durable plastic giving the infuser greater durability. A stainless steel tea filter sits inside the top of the infuser, sealed with BPA free polypropylene.

You can either place the leaves directly in the main section of the infuser, or you can place leaves in the top stainless steel infuser — a very flexible item indeed!  We have two types in stock at present, a larger 420ml infuser and a smaller 260ml one.

To see how it works, a demonstration video on how to use the Libre tea infuser can be found here.

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