New Flavoured Teas Now Available

I’m happy to let you know that I now have a selection of flavoured teas available for purchasing online.  We have a selection of teas made with a black tea base, and one tea with a green tea base. The teas are:

  • Cinnamon Black Tea
  • Apple Black Tea
  • Vanilla Black Tea
  •  Mint Green Tea

My two particular favourites (though I enjoy them all) are the Cinnamon Black tea and the Mint Green tea.

Cinnamon Black Tea: I personally enjoy the cinnamon flavour mixed with black tea.  It is a warm mix of a spicy-sweet tea that is perfect for drinking when you feel like you need a bit of a lift. The cinnamon flavour is not too over-whelming, and the tea lends itself well to adding a little milk (or cream) if you like.  A perfect after-dinner accompaniment to dessert.   While some cinnamon tea blends can be a little over-powering, particularly if you’re not that fond of the spicy aromatic cinnamon taste, the cinnamon flavour in this tea is not strong.   For an interesting combination, try blending it with the Apple Black tea — YUM.

Mint Green Tea:  I love mint and I love herbal mint teas — and I love mint green tea. I do not drink a lot of green tea myself (I am more of an oolong tea drinker) however I found this combination great.  The light taste of the green tea contrasts well with the cooling sensation of the mint.  It is also a great after-dinner tea, mainly as it is a great palate cleanser, refreshing to drink after a heavy meal and it also aids in digestion.  I would not suggest adding milk to this tea — but a dab of honey or a touch of sugar is fine.  For a great mix, try brewing a strong mint green tea, cool it down with ice-cubes, add a touch of fresh lemon juice and enjoy on a hot day.

Apple Black Tea: The fresh apple flavour coupled with fresh black tea makes for a great combination also. Try varying your infusion times to get a different tasting tea.  The apple flavour adds natural sweetness to the tea, and the tea itself smells fruity and earthy.  It has more of a black tea taste than an actual apple taste — and it can be sweetened with a little honey or sugar if you like.  You may want to add milk to the tea though I prefer it as a black tea without any milk.  It’s a perfect tea to snuggle up in front of a fire with on a cold day, especially if you blend it with the cinnamon black tea.  It also makes a great iced tea.

Vanilla Black Tea: If you like a sweet, fruity based tea this is the tea for you. This is a great stand-alone sweet tea, a perfect ‘comfort’ tea. However, it is also an amazing tea to use as a base for blending with other teas — try it with the Cinnamon Black tea for example.  It is definitely sweeter than some of the other blended teas, again making it a great ‘after dinner’ choice.  I would not recommend it as an iced tea, though when mixed with another blended tea–particularly a berry tea, it is excellent served either hot or cold.  Great standalone tea for those who enjoy a sweet tea.

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