Double Plastic Portable Tea Infuser

This popular three piece portable tea infuser is made from high grade FDA certified PC plastic. Light weight yet strong, it is ideal for brewing tea on the go. You can take it with you in your car, prepare tea easily at work or even just use around the house or while outside gardening.

Size: It is available in two different sizes; 380 ml and 280 ml

Review: This particular portable tea infuser is my favourite–I take it with me every day when I go to work as it’s perfect for brewing tea without needing a teapot and other tea accessories. It is sturdy, the pieces fit together well so you do not have any mishaps with leakage and it is a great size for fitting inside your handbag.

Mesh infuser

Three pieces of portable infuser

Unlike some of the other portable infusers, this one is made so that the loose leaf tea sits in the top of the infuser unit.  Simply place a teaspoon or so of loose leaf tea in the top, screw the lid on and invert the unit till the tea is steeped. When done, you unscrew the top two pieces (at the metal band) and you can either sip directly from the infuser or if you prefer you can pour the tea into a teacup.

It is great for keeping tea warm and is not hot to hold even when the tea has just been brewed.

Plastic Portable Tea Infuser
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