Glass Portable Tea Infuser

Another popular portable item, this double glass portable tea infuser is instead made from hand blown borosilicate glass. Being highly portable, it can be taken out with you wherever you go or used to brew your tea while at work or visiting friends.

Style: This is available in two different styles; the 280 ml tall infuser unit and the 280 ml cup-like infuser unit. Both work  equally as well.

Unlike the other unit, this  one has a small stainless steel piece that you pull out of the infuser. Consequently it is used in a different manner. Normally the loose leaf tea is placed inside the actual infuser unit and the stainless steel piece is then inserted into the neck of the infuser. To drink, you simply unscrew the lid and drink from the infuser (or pour the brewed tea out into a cup, if that is your preference.

I find the infuser section a little fiddly to deal with, consequently I prefer to use the plastic portable infuser but many others prefer this type. It looks great and feels solid.  Another good choice if you are looking for a way to take your cup of tea with you wherever you go.

Double Glass Portable Tea Infuser
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