Portable Tea Infuser With Ceramic Inner

Note: Only the stainless steel infuser is in stock at present - not the coloured infusers

This is more of a high end portable infuser, as it comes complete with a ceramic inner lining. This ceramic lining helps to enhance the taste of teas prepared in the infuser, in a similar way that making tea in a ceramic pot will do.  The outer body is made from high end stainless steel while the inner lining is earthenware ceramic. This would definitely be the best choice for a discerning tea drinker. The infuser is built into the lid and screws completely off with the result that it is extremely easy to use.

Size: It comes in 280 ml size.

Review: It is a very nice looking portable tea infuser. It fits together well–the infuser and lid sections screw on tightly.  It is heavier, for its size, than the plastic models but it is still fairly light and can easily be carried around.  If dropped, the clay inner could potentially shatter so care must be taken not to bang it or drop it. Best suited for someone who is particular about their teas and the tastes; the higher price may put it out of the running for a regular tea drinker as essentially it does the same as the other tea infusers.


Stainless Steel Infuser With Ceramic Inner
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