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Introducing the “Travel Buddy” portable tea infuser. It is 100 percent safe, as it is made from high grade PC plastic. Not only can this portable infuser be used for brewing all kinds of loose leaf tea, but it also works just as well when it comes to brewing coffee — great to take to work with you, or on any outings.  It is compact, easy to clean and best of all efficient and very easy to use.

The built in strainer unit works very effectively in automatically filtering the tea leaves or ground coffee grains. What is really neat about this particular unit is the design. It features an air pressure relief lid that automatically releases any pressure built up and prevents swelling or rupture of the unit, even when hot water is used.  Tea leaves can be infused two or three times when using this particular unit.

Incidentally, you can also use cold or iced water if you would like and iced tea or coffee.  You do need to infuse your tea leaves longer if using cold water. Some people prefer to make their favourite tea using hot water, cool it in the fridge and then pour the already brewed iced tea into the infuser.

Capacity: 370ml (2oz)


It is very simple to use.  Simply open the bottom lid & place your tea leaves, ground coffee or teabags inside the filter. Once done, close the bottom lid up again.

Next, open the upper lid & pour your hot water into the infuser unit, again closing firmly once done.  Once the tea (or coffee) is  brewed to your desired degree you simply push the button on the top lid so you can enjoy your beverage.


Travel Buddy Tea Infuser
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