“Spring Special” Three Amazing Tea Choices at Discount Prices

Rose Oolong Tea

I’m excited to offer a chance at buying some incredibly great teas at discounted prices, in celebration of Spring! For my spring selection, I chose one green tea, one oolong tea and one black tea, including two spring flavoured teas!

The Rose Oolong tea is a delightfully scented, and high-quality oolong tea with a subtle rose scent. In fact, you can see some of the tiny rose petals still in evidence amongst the tea leaves.  Normally, this sells for a minimum of $15.99 per 100gm. With this tea, tiny rose petals are added to  premium hand-picked Jin Xuan oolong tea, making for a terrific blended tea.  Choosing the right snacks or food to go along with a specific tea is as much of an art as wine and food pairing. Try eating some stronger, hard cheese and crackers with your Rose Oolong, or serve along with a chicken or turkey meal.

Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine Green tea, a favourite amongst many tea-drinkers, is another of my Spring choices. The scent of jasmine always reminds me of spring and this tea hasa sweet and fragrant scent to it. The brewed tea should also have a faint jasmine aroma. Green teas generally pair well with salads and also with seafoods. Of course, this particular tea is great for drinking on its own.

Black teas are often traditionally people’s first choice of breakfast tea. High quality Keemun black tea, which normally retails at around $22 per 100gm, is no exception. This tea is a great breakfast choice as it has a very subtle chocolate flavour, albeit without the sweetness that is normally associated with chocolate. This makes it an ideal beverage to end your breakfast with or to accompany a pancake breakfast, for example.  It also pairs well with curry dishes or other spicy foods such as Mexican, Thai or Chinese foods.

Keemun Black Tea

I hope you enjoy the three choices I have prepared for my “Spring Special”. If you are new to drinking loose leaf tea, these three choices will give you the ideal opportunity to explore the difference in taste between green, oolong and black tea. For seasoned tea drinkers, you will hopefully enjoy the freshness of these different types of teas and enjoy experimenting with drinking them at different times and pairing with different snacks and meals.

Hopefully, soon I will post a more in depth article on tea and food pairings, as the opportunities are endless. If you have your own favourite tea and food pairing choice, please let me know as I’d love to include it along with my favourites.

In the meantime, enjoy your Aussie springtime and your teas.  I will be presenting other “Specials” in the coming months, so please do take advantage of this great offer: Three premium quality teas originally priced at $52 for only $40 — my Spring saving gift to you this September!

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