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About Us

Australian owned and operated, Robyn Lee Tea sells high grade, quality teas to customers Australia wide. It is a Sydney based business, co-owned and operated by Robyn Wescombe and her husband, Peter. Peter has been importing and selling wholesale teas worldwide for many years and it was with his encouragement that Robyn set up the Robyn Lee Tea online store in an effort to make the great quality, specialty teas available to everyone at affordable prices.

Originally starting with a fairly small variety of Oolong teas (from Taiwan) and Green teas (from China), Robyn Lee now stocks and sells teas from Japan, Thailand and India as well as an assortment of glass tea ware products.


RobynSince starting Robyn Lee Tea, I have had some very enlightening conversations with people I meet, friends and relatives about tea. I do not consider myself to be a real tea connoisseur (I leave that up to Peter) and while this may seem a disadvantage when running a tea business I don't find it to be so. I find it easy to talk to people about tea in a very simple and down-to-earth manner. In Australia, it is very evident that organic loose leaf teas are becoming much more popular. While many I talk with acknowledge that tea is a healthy alternative beverage to other drinks, they know little about what teas to drink or how to brew the teas correctly.

One of my personal goals is to educate the general public about tea in a manner that is easy to understand and to take some of the supposed "mystery" out of tea preparation and enjoyment. Once people learn the basics about tea and how to properly prepare it they are happy to drink it regularly.

I have also noted that those just beginning to experiment with teas do not know a lot about what I consider "high-end" or specialty teas and they tend to stick with flavoured teas purchased off supermarket shelves or sold in many popular tea stores. Another of my goals is to help others explore different types of teas and broaden their experience.

Robyn Lee Tea StallSome of my most positive experiences have been selling teas at outdoor markets and fairs. I love being about to interact personally with the people I meet and it has definitely broadened my outlook when it comes to who is buying tea! I find my customers range all the way from teenagers to older people -- all with something in common; a love for tea, a desire to learn more about tea and often a motivating sense of health-consciousness.


As mentioned above, teas available range from organic green, white, black and oolong teas to various herbal tissanes. All teas are sourced and imported directly from tea farms and care is taken to ensure that the quality remains high. New teas are imported with each new tea harvest, ensuring that all teas are fresh.

Tea PacksTeas are stored in such a way to maintain their freshness and to ensure that they do not absorb 'odours' from other teas or products. They are re-packaged in smaller packs and sent out as the orders come in. Most teas are packed in brown, resealable, foil lined packs and they are available in either 50gm or 100gm packs.

Many of our teas are EU Organically certified, with those that have this certification clearly marked on site. We are in the process of adding to our organic tea selection. While some teas do not have international organic certification, all have certification from their country of origin.

Aside from the higher grade teas, we also have a selection of blended and flavoured teas -- something for everyone! Herbal tissanes available include the regulars such as Peppermint, Chamomile, Lemongrass and Ginger teas and the more exotic Rooibos and White Mulberry teas.


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