Tea Tasting Party

Here is a step by step guideline regarding what is presented at a standard, one-hour tea tasting party. Additional options are also discussed. For a more details on tea parties please refer to tea tasting party options, where you will find other information such as pricing, locations serviced, etc.

1. Presentation of the main different types of organic Chinese loose leaf teas. A brief, easy to understand account of how they are made and what makes each tea type different from the others.

2. A brief discussion of the health benefits of tea.

3. Show and Tell of the basics of brewing loose leaf tea; how much to use, how many times the leaves can be used, the importance of timing and water temperature for different tea types.

4. Brief presentation of what is needed or essential for making loose leaf teas.

5. Tea tasting: First present two black teas, note down the difference, next two green teas and finally two oolong teas. A brief description of each tea is given as it is presented, including the quality and flavour. Teas used include:

Hong Yu Black Tea – High quality Chinese black tea
Russian Caravan Black Tea – Fantastic Cinnamon Flavoured black tea
Strawberry Green Tea – Favourite flavoured green tea
Bi Lo Chun Green Tea – High quality Chinese green tea
Alishan Oolong tea – high quality tea
Milk Oolong tea – often a favourite for those transitioning from traditional black teas

6. Time/Discussion of favourite teas and reasons why one is preferred over the other.

7. Question and answer time—invariably, people have lots of questions about teas, how to brew them, what is best, etc.

8. Preparation of free tea gift for each participant, as well as some fact sheets on teas including basic health benefits, how to prepare the specific tea chosen as favourite, etc.

Other Optional Activities

1. Tea Party Games: Blindfold and guess the teas; tea pouring—who can prepare and pour tea with the most flourish and style; tea trivia—see who retains the most information; murder over tea—fun and popular guessing game perfect to play after the presentation is over while everyone is enjoying their favourite tea plus snacks.

2. Additional Tea Tasting

Other teas are available, upon request, for sampling. I have tried to come up with a variety of teas that are different and in some way unique. These teas include:

Blooming teas – beautiful to watch unfold
GABA tea – One of the healthiest teas you can drink
Pu-erh — (ye old “mud tea”)
Rose Oolong – Rose flavoured tea
Lavender Oolong –Lavender flavoured tea
Ginseng Oolong – Ginseng flavoured tea
Pyramid Tea Bags of Loose Leaf teas

3. Demonstration of brewing tea using an authentic Chinese Tea Set

4. Demonstration of using items other than the standard tea pot with infuser for brewing loose leaf teas, including portable options that can be used at work and other styles of popular tea pots.

5. Teas by Benefits/Categories: Some teas are known for providing stress relief, others for weight loss. There is a wide range of flavoured teas, which many find appealing. While I do not normally cover herbal teas or fruit teas, I can also provide samples of some of these. Well known herbal teas include Chamomile and Raspberry leaf tea but did you know that Turmeric tea is extremely healthy for you and a popular Japanese choice of tea? GABA tea also provides multiple health benefits. A selection of teas that are beneficial or that pertain to a specific category (such as flavoured teas) can be presented. For example, at a baby shower you may want to present teas that aid in pregnancy and childbirth, those that would be beneficial post-natal. Engagement and Bridal parties are perfect for presenting the flowering teas and the scented teas.