Handy Brew Tea and Coffee Maker – $25

This great looking and very versatile 450ml (and coffee) tea maker is made from high grade Tritan (100% BPA free) plastic.  Created and produced in Taiwan, this particular tea maker has been very well received on international markets and has also received many awards for it’s very unique patented design. Part of the interest in this teapot is that it features an automatic shut off system, providing tea (and coffee) drinkers with a very simple, no fuss way to enjoy their freshly brewed tea or coffee.  It is ideal for using with loose leaf tea but can also just as equally be used to brew coffee from ground coffee beans.  It is very simple to use, and keeps everything very neat and tidy.

Click HERE for more on the  Handy Brew. Here is a brief REVIEW

Rather than explaining how it works, please watch the demo included below. handy brew demo

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Handy Brew
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