Robyn Lee Ipots – $15-$18

Robyn Lee Ipots

These beautiful hand made ipots are similar in style to the popular Zero teapots, at a fraction of the cost. Available in two different sizes (350 ml and 450 ml) and three different colors (red, black and white) they are now in stock and ready for shipping.

They are made from high A-grade quality porcelain which is fired at 1,380 degrees centigrade. The pots are both lead and cadmium fee and are dishwasher and microwave safe (though you do need to remove the metal lid before placing in the microwave.) Both the lid and infuser unit are made from premium 304 grade stainless steel with great care being made to ensure that they pass all US FDA standards. These particular pots have been hand made.

They pour very well, the lid is tight fitting and the infuser sits neatly inside the teapot. These teapots come apart in three pieces. The infuser lifts out of the teapot easily. The lid is made with a clip that attaches snugly to the edge of the teapot enabling you to take the stainless steel lid completely off the teapot whenever needed.

Weight: The 350 ml teapot weighs slightly over 300 gm. The 450 ml teapot weighs 500 gm.

Robyn Lee Handmade Ipots
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