Where To Buy
Tea Online?

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If you are looking for specialty teas such as organic loose leaf tea or some of the beautiful blooming teas you may want to start your search online — and Robyn Lee Tea is as good a place as any to start! In most supermarkets you will find a selection of teas on the shelves; however for the most part these are not usually what would be considered top quality teas and while there is usually a fairly good selection it is nowhere near as complete as you would find online.

Buy Tea Online From Local Stores or International Sellers?

There are pros and cons to buying tea online from a local online retailer and from going directly to the source and buying your teas internationally. In some instances you may be looking for a tea that is not commonly sold locally. For instance, it can be difficult to locate some of the very high quality teas online as they are usually not stocked by local retailers. However, if you look a little further afield you may find that some international online tea stores do stock the teas you are looking for and while you may have to pay additional for shipping it could well be the only way you will be able to buy them.

If you prefer to buy from an online retailers residing in your country, look for a retailer who stocks fresh teas. If cost is not such an issue and if you are looking for the freshest teas available, be prepared to pay a little more than if you bought them from the supermarket. It will usually be well worth doing so though as the quality is far superior.

What Type Of Online Stores Stock The Best Teas?

Many online tea stores will specialize in a specific type of tea. For example, some online stores sell mainly herbal teas whereas others sell Chinese and Asian teas. Still other stores will have a fine selection of British teas or black teas. The best thing to do is to look for an online tea store that seems to carry the type of tea that you are interested in buying.

Generally speaking, I would recommend buying your teas from online tea shops — looking for one that sells tea and tea ware, as opposed to a store that sells a little bit of everything. For example, while you can find organic teas on Amazon or eBay you will more than likely find a larger selection of better quality teas available if you shop from an online store that is dedicated to selling tea. These stores will not only stock a great selection of tea but you will usually also find a lot of very useful and informative information on the sites including what the teas are beneficial for, how to properly brew the teas and what type of tea accessories you may need.

Oftentimes they will also have a great selection of teaware available online and they will recommend choosing one type of tea pot or infuser for a specific type of tea. Obviously, that type of information is not as readily available on other larger sites that sell many different kinds of items.

In summary, if you really are looking for a great tea experience, buy from an online store that deals mainly with tea and tea ware. Don’t be afraid to buy from an online store, especially if you are shopping for premium teas. Finally, once you have found a great tea shop online that sells fresh teas at good prices, remember to bookmark them so you can continue to buy your teas from them.

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