White Peony Tea

White Peony (also known as Pai Mu Tan), is a sweet, delicate and mild tea. It is made from the unopened tea buds, as well as the two newest leaves from the tea plant. The freshly harvested leaf is withered and dried in the sun and the natural oxidation which takes place during this process gives White Peony its beautiful, plush flavours. It has a warm, floral, fruit blossoms aroma and the liquor is light golden colour.

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image9116281If you are just beginning to explore white teas, or even loose leaf teas in general, White Peony tea will serve as a wonderful introduction.

Growing Region: Fujian province, China.

Harvest date: Spring 2013

Vacuum packed bag with desiccant pouch

Product No: YA-WP6007-C


Steeping instructions:

Water Temperature: 95 degrees

Amount: 3g/150ml

Steeping time: 2-3 minutes

No. of infusions: 2-3

White Peony Tea
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