Wholesale Teas

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girl_pouring_teaHigh grade tea being offered alongside coffee and other beverages in cafes and restaurants is rapidly becoming a new trend, not only in the US and Europe, but now also in many Australian establishments. Customers are now asking for – and expecting – a wider selection of professionally brewed teas, available on the menu. Specialty teas such as Jasmine Pearl, Darjeeling, Silver Needle,  Formosa oolong, Japanese Sencha and many more are being requested by tea-savvy, health conscious customers who are looking for quality and taste.

Cafes and restaurants with a loose leaf tea brewing set up, a good selection of high grade teas and a trained staff are going to be way ahead of the game.   Did you know, according to The Tea Association of the USA,  total tea sales in the US “Specialty Segment” went from $0.27 billion in 1990 to a projected $1.73 billion in 2013?  In Australia, where hospitality trends tend to follow those in the US, the fruit and herbal tea and green tea markets have achieved 5% growth in the past years and in 2014 it looks like the trend will continue.

Some reasons for this current increase in specialty teas cited by various market research specialists include:

  • Increased health benefits gained from drinking tea
  • The café culture premiumisation that has taken place within the coffee industry, leading customers to expect premium teas to be offered side by side with premium coffee
  • Tea’s versatility  with an abundance of types and flavours available
  • Specialty tea is an affordable luxury

 Other services include

  • Custom branding and packaging services if required
  • Bulk tea order discounts
  • Bulk product order discounts

If you are interested in our wholesale range of teas or tea ware products, please contact us at sales@robynleetea.com.au for price lists and further information on how we can be of assistance.