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Welcome to the Robyn Lee Tea and Teaware site.  I hope you enjoy visiting my site and that you will find it both beneficial and an enjoyable read!  Here you will find a wealth of information on all kinds of different teas as well as plenty of ideas and suggestions when it comes to tea ware and tea accessories. It is my goal to include as much information as possible on tea and tea ware to help make your choices regarding the type of tea and tea accessories to buy as easy as possible. Teaware After having been in the tea business now for quite some time, we are aware of the types of teaware people are looking for. While there is a lot of cheaper tea ware available, unfortunately it does not always perform well. We do have stock of some of people’s favourite tea ware including glass teapots, bodum glasses and portable tea infusers. Premium Teas You will also find a selection of premium green, black, white and oolong teas, as well as some herbal teas available to purchase online. These teas come directly from the tea farmers in Taiwan and China and are shipped here very soon after harvesting. We aim to provide you with the best possible teas at easily affordable prices. So grab a cup of your favorite tea and sit down and enjoy this site. Cheers,         What’s New? Black Teas:  I’m happy to announce that we now have more black teas in stock: Organic Earl Grey,  Organic English Breakfast, Assam and Darjeeling.  So, if you’re a black tea lover, check out what we have! Handy Brew Now Available:  Great, easy to use Handy Brew tea and coffee maker is available now. For more information and a review of this item, please check out this article. New Flowering Teas in Stock:  We now have a new selection of blooming teas in stock, including Jasmine with Love, Love Story by Tea, Two Dragons Playing, Love at First Sight and Fairy Flowers Spreading — a GREAT gift idea, when coupled with a glass teapot!